Are You a woman over 50 who enjoys journaling & consider yourself a "Spiritual Seeker"? Do you love all the Spiritual ideas that you hear about but sometimes get confused with the different teachings out there? 

Don’t quite know how to integrate spirituality into your daily life to apply to your personal challenges?   Are you feeling that it is time to heal your Body, Mind & Spirit, release some old blocks that have a detrimental effect on your health, life, & your Vibration such as

  •              Stress
  •                           Resentments
  •                      Self-doubt
  • ​                                                   Concern about your health
  •                         & more........

These all impact your health and sense of safety and security and your vibration.

As we age, it is harder to

break free into great health

without resolving these

hazards and it is very

challenging to do alone.

Are you tired of spending your precious life this way and feel                                                                      ready to accept help to shift your vibration and live the 

rest of your life in

clarity, joy and passion?

If so, your mission should you choose to accept it, is to explore and incorporate a gentle yet powerful 12-week spiritual journey that can start to transform your mindset and help you shift to:
Peaceful living
Release what no longer serves you.
Be empowered with resilience.
Develop your Intuition.
Deepen your self-compassion.
Heighten your Self Confidence.
Realize and fulfill your soul's purpose.
Improved health.

 This is an exclusive invitation for the beta version of The Illuminated Path. This offer has not been released to the public and will never be offered again at this price! 

Here is some more information about this experiential journey………

In this 12 weeks Journey, you will receive inspiration from the 12 Illuminations that were

powerful gifts from the

The Universe that I awakened to.

These Illuminations helped

me to have a miraculous journey

through Cancer 6 years ago.

For which I am forever grateful!



                                   These are such powerful gifts

                           that I have helped many

                                                to come to a deeper understanding

                                                   with and to apply them to their own           life situations

                       which helped them to 

​                                  shift their lives and THRIVE.


Now I offer them to you in a new, more focused, organized, and deepened format.

  • We will be meeting weekly on Live on Zoom for 1.5hr for
  •  Q & A on applying these gifts to your life situations.
  •  FB community to deepen the sense of Tribe.
  •  Course content delivered the 4th before the Live Group session. 
  •  Membership site for access to course with: ​
  •  Meditations
  •     accompanied by Harp Music &/or Native American Flute, Singing Bowls & more.​
  • Inspirations​
  • Affirmations
  • Information on Incorporating Crystals​ &Essential Oils
  • ​Sacred Chants and Dances
  • Journaling
  • Workbook
  • Prizes and more.
  • Community.

Bonus! Healing Gift Box $300 value, containing gifts that will support you for your journey, especially mixed high-quality Essential Oils, Crystals, & surprise gifts. 

 If this speaks to you, & you are ready to invest your time and energy into your coming years.
Be part of this Transformative Beta Group
Starting July TBD  through September TBD 2021
Email today for a free Discovery Call to see if this is for you.


Linda Lamore: De Luna has been helping me walk out of the darkness of grief.  Her coaching approach is gentle. De Luna helps you move forward in a natural way. She's been able to reach deep inside and pull-out ideas I had not thought of regarding my deceased loved one.

I'm learning to be happy with myself and

to make plans for the new year to allow

JOY into my life. Wherever you are in

your journey De Luna can help you

reach a life you richly deserve.

Thank You, De Luna...You're a

very special person and an excellent

coach! Linda Lamore

This is truly a joyful and powerful transformational experience!
Are you ready to embrace your deeper connection and freedom from what does no longer serves you?

Here is some more information about this experiential journey………

In this 12 weeks Journey, you will receive the inspiration from 12 Illuminations that were my powerful gifts from the Universe to help me have a miraculous journey through Cancer 6 years ago. These are such powerful gifts that I have helped many to shift their life with. Now I offer them to you in a new, more focused, organized, and deepened format.

 The 12 Illuminations 

1. Return of the Light: 

The journey begins with a

Sacred Light infusion,

illuminating your path so

that you have clarity on your work ahead and support for reaching your vision for yourself in your divine essence.

 2. Unconditional Love:

Experience this Heart

opening Rose Ceremony

& hold yourself in honor,

compassion & unconditional love. Between the light and the unconditional love, we have a firm foundation to move forward with clarity, confidence & compassion.

3. Freedom through Forgiveness:

Having done the first

2 Illuminations you are

now prepared to free

yourself from resentments

and self-punishment to discover forgiveness for yourself & others, allowing freedom to enjoy a peaceful heart & a deepened self-trust.

4. You are Deserving:

With having released

some of your burden

in the last Illumination,

now, you have some

space in your energy field to add a deepened understanding of your own essence building self-esteem, growing confidence & enjoying an Improved sense of Self-Worth & deserving.

5. Intuition: Now that you have

a deeper sense of self-worth,

you will have more ability to

trust the messages that you

receive from your intuition.

In this Illumination you will be

given the opportunity to have

a deeper understanding of the nature & voice of your intuition,  & recognize the relationship you have with Universal Intelligence, to become a clearer channel for the messages you receive and have more confidence in your decisions.

6. Infinity/Balance: 

Experience the beauty

and power of the

“Dance of the Infinity Symbol.” '

Realize & step into the abundant flow of giving/receiving, to find more balance in your life.

​​7. Freedom from Fear:  

Shift and change your

perspective of your fears

to recreate your relationship

with them, freeing yourself

to reclaim your inner power & enjoy a sense of security & joy in life.

8. Releasing: Setting yourself

free from all that does not

serve your highest good.

Making space in your energy

field to realize & be present

with the freedom to enjoy what you love in life.

​​9. Peaceful Mind:

building on the practices

you have been incorporating

through this journey you are

primed to now be experiencing

a quieter, more peaceful mind. We will add on some mindfulness practices to support your inner peace, no matter what your circumstances are.

10. Gratitude: Continue to

transform your energy &

open your heart to a whole

new way of experiencing the

gift of Gratitude & enjoy this

delicious and powerful nectar of life. This practice is life-changing!

11. Being a Presence of Light:

Feeling the light illuminate your

being you are ready to live into

your peace, power & deep

connection to the energy of the Beloved & your Soul Purpose.

12. Experiencing the Golden

Light Pouring Joy Through

Every Cell of Your Body:

It is time to savor the moment

and celebrate to Celebrate YOU

and your journey with a Ceremony of light, thanking all that has brought you to this moment and planting the seed to continue all that you have started here so that it can be your lifelong companion.   


Are you ready to get a RECHARGE YOUR ENERGY OF LIFE, improve your health and live in joy? start to say goodby to fears and self-doubt?  This is your opportunity!  

Be part of this Transformative Beta Group Starting CONTACT for a free Discovery Call.


​Coming Soon:
“The Illuminated Journey”
with De Luna