Perhaps you are seeking guidance on a decision you are in process of making.

Maybe you have had something on your mind and would like help resolving it.

Would you like to shift your perspective on a certain situation? 

Would you like to:

Have more clarity

More peace of mind 

Feel empowered for your next step? 

What you can expect in this interactive Healing Ceremony: 
A brief introduction,

visioning, releasing, renewing & affirming.

Come with a glass of water, tissues, and an open heart. Ready to feel another step energetically lighter. 

Meet on Zoom - private link after the payment and appointment are confirmed. 


$75 for 30 min. Does not include a guided meditation

Other Healing Modalities : 

Healing Sound, receive your unique Harp Soul song. The link coming soon.

Illumination Healings/Readings are not to be used instead of medical doctors or medications. Like any healing modality, I cannot guarantee results, but many have received great benefits from my work. 

With the 60-minute session, we can make time for a guided meditation based on the reading/healing for you to keep and review the recording of both the complete session and a separate version with just the meditation whenever you want. 

De Luna is now offering remote  Illuminated Healings/Readings which are a unique combination of her healing gifts that she has developed for more than 50 years. 

Illumination Session

De Luna -music practitioner, sound healer, Reiki Practitioner,  energy worker, spiritual artist,  creator, ceremonialist, and Ordained Minister. 

 $250 for 60 min. Includes approx. 20-minute guided meditation.

$100 for 45 min. Does not include a guided meditation