• Angel of Compassion6:24

One of the reasons I love the harp so much is that it has such a peaceful and healing vibration.
Here is a peaceful piece of harp music that will be on my upcoming CD: Angel of Compassion  Enjoy! 

I am still fine tuning up my coming CD and am really looking forward to letting you know that it is ready. Any advance orders would be gratefully appreciated, just drop me a line and we can arrange your order.
Also, I just received a shipment of my
"In Honor of The Ancestors" CD they are available for immediate shipment. That CD is a very relaxing collection of Traditional tunes done in a
non traditional way. very relaxing - my most popular yet! 

Sending my love,
De Luna

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"Ignite your Candle and Be The Peace"

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to attend an inspiring conference on Dream Building, it continues to resonate for me and I find myself thinking and contemplating how I can encourage peace. It feels as if we are in a time that we are better served to look inside for peace, rather than to the outside world. 

We have all heard: The way to world peace is to be the peace. 
Now, I don't listen to the news. but yet, I still hear about the stressful events that are happening. I can't help but think that there is a way to magnify and multiply the peace, to have more tools to use to help us live in internal peace, and more people living in peace. I am reminded of Martin Luther King says:
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

 Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that".
We are living in a time that fear and stress are prevalent. So many are affected, and yet there are also so many that are able to be in peace throughout. You get to chose! 

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