Reconnect to :

  • Deepened sense of  confidence
  • Peacefulness
  • Connection

Would you like to shift:

  • Self-doubt
  • Stress
  • Loneliness

In this experience you will get:
1. Three live 1.5 hr. group “Recharge Sessions” on Zoom,  Q&A to apply and integrate the practices into your life so that you can realign with your authentic power and soul truth. This is also valuable community time for support and celebrations.

2. 10–30-minute daily practice with short provided guided meditations and affirmations (MP3 & PDFs) Healing sound of the harp, flutes, and Tibetan Bowls & Bells.

3. Workbook/Journal (Downloadable PDF)
4. Private FB Group for ongoing fun and communications!
5. Membership site for course part and recorded Session videos.
and surprise Bonuses

Make this the most joyful year yet!
Dates for “Recharge Sessions” Jan 19, 26, and February 2nd. 
sessions will be recorded in the case for repeated viewing.

In addition to applying practical spiritual principles & practices to your life, in this unique program, you will integrate powerful energy healing, intuitive guidance, strengthen your intuition. 

Added Bonus: Original coloring pages for you to meditate with or to use as Altarpieces 

 Receive Inspirations inspired by:
Ageless Eastern and Western spiritual paths.
We are going through a  powerful period right now. A time we have been preparing for. This is the opportune time to put down your crucifix, your burdens, your loneliness, and feeling not good enough  & allow yourself the support to step into your potential! 

"Recharge Your Light"

Recharge your Light so that you can spread your wings and fly to greater freedom. 


Space is limited to keep the group intimate
Regular investment $375
Now only: $195

Join this dynamic community today!  

Come & “Recharge Your Light”™

with just 15 to 30 minutes each day for 21 days,
 recharge your energy and feel the connection to the power of the Great Spirit. Of course,  if you wish to deepen these new habits and practices, there will be an opportunity to go deeper with this material if you wish.

Imagine feeling safe enough to release, meditate, realize,  align with your inner truths & yearnings. I will be guiding you every step of the way to visualize and create a life that is rich in self-care, improved confidence and discover the rich delight of being true to yourself.

​​​​​​​​Recharge Your Light

January 19- February 2nd 

Registration Now Open! 

Are you ready to let go of another year of

unfulfilled New Year’s Resolutions, or even none at all?

As we go into this year, how would you like to enhance 2022 with confidence that you have the bases for true joy in place?   

Are ready to answer the call?

This is so much more than a vision board! It will bring you to the essence of what you are looking for to have a fulfilled year. So that you can feel connected, live in self-respect, and build better relationships! 

It’s time to let go of the feelings of unworthiness, being invisible, alone, isolated & not good enough. The world is waiting for you to recharge your light and come home to your Magnificent Self.

The “Recharge Your Light”™ goes far beyond any vision board. You will learn & experience with the guiding star of Spiritual Laws of Success and create a multi-dimensional blueprint to guide you through 2022 and live 2022 as a year that is in alignment with your highest purpose.

 With about 15 to 30 minutes a day, you can start to feel the rewards of this journey.

This is an opportunity to recharge the light within you so that you can make 2022 the best year yet! 

Give yourself the gift of realizing your superpowers! You deserve it!

 Come and experience a dynamic way

& co-create your year, with Great Spirit.