Then at the age of 40, she was given a harp by a parting friend, in starting to play around with it, she became totally mesmerized. Each note brought enchantment, loving it so, she took it everywhere with her. literally everywhere!

After about 5 years and more than 10,000 hours, she decided to take it out to play at a local nursing home, asking to play for those who were so ill that could not leave their beds. She took her harp, flutes, and bells.

Science is proving that sound and music have the ability to shift a person from great discomfort and suffering to peace and comfort. Music, sound, and nature have all played a profound healing role in De Luna’s life.

As a child living in a challenging family dynamic, both of her parents were suffering from the effects of dodging bombs through WW2, at an early age, and her father, in his suffering and abuse of alcohol, became very abusive and out of control.  with the unpredictability of the violence,  it felt as if she was punished for celebrating life.

She remembers being 3 years old,  living in a beautiful stone house outside of St Andrews Scotland, secretly borrowing her sister's Soprano Recorder,  going outside and playing notes,  experiencing, what felt to her, and interacting with the birds and the breezes through the trees, playing and observing the responsive vibration on dew drops on leaves.

Feeling this experience of connectedness to nature through sound, not only brought her a feeling of connectedness but also planted a seed that would continue to blossom through her life. 

Witnessing the difference that it made, she was inspired to continue to explore and develop her understanding of sound as a tool to facilitate healing.

 Around this time, people started hiring her for performances for all sorts of events for music and presentations: Concerts, Weddings, Special Events, Gatherings and Festivals, Libraries, Senior programs, School Programs, Restaurant Playing, Memorials, Hospitals, and more.​ Later, becoming certified as a Therapeutic Music Practitioner, playing regularly in hospitals to help people in their healing journey, for all ages and all sorts of life transitions.

De Luna feels so grateful to have had this work come through her, touching thousands of lives.  Helping to make this world a more peaceful place and continues to develop as she delivers music for healing and meditations.

About De Luna and Healing Music

As a Batik artist, through the 70 & the '80s, she loved playing her collection of flutes with nature to invoke inspiration for her next piece of art. Remembering wonderful responses from butterflies, trees, birds,  blades of grass, and the celestial world.