“The first class really was wonderful.  I love Sophia to be exposed to the unique instruments.  She wouldn't get that opportunity anywhere
else.  And the music you play on the harp and flute is gorgeous, such a treat to listen to!  Sophia even chose to listen to your harp CD over her Wiggles CD on the way home, which is saying so much.  One of my favorite things about the class is the way that you made it spiritual. 
I appreciated your teaching the children to thank the instruments and their ancestors and asking them to send loving thoughts into the
universe.  It made the entire experience so much more than a typical music class, and I left feeling very peaceful.”

My name is Linda Nute,
and I am a staff infusion nurse at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center in Manchester, New Hampshire. I am writing this on behalf of De Luna, a talented and gifted harp and flute player who plays for our patients here in our cancer clinic once a week. For many people, listening to or making music is an absolute pleasure. Personally, I think music's most precious contribution to individuals undergoing cancer treatment is how it can bring about and honor the real person behind the diagnosis. De Luna performs and reaches our patients on this level. She has a calming presence and a beautiful way of relaxing people with a favorite piece of music. Many studies have shown that music can help people to cope with side effects of their treatments such as pain and anxiety. I have seen firsthand patients' anxiety levels greatly reduced after spending time listening to De Luna.

She is a pleasure to have here in the clinic sharing her love and passion for music with staff and patients alike. Very often we get asked, •is De Luna here today?" and always get enthusiastic responses when we say •yes, she is!"

Linda Nute, RN, BSN, OCN

I am pleased to be writing this testimonial letter for De Luna Pamela Tyrrell.

I am familiar with her as a musician and artist based on our worked together at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester NH.  I was a social worker on multiple units within the hospital and both observed her work and collaborated with her in facilitating groups.

De Luna is certified as a Music Practitioner by The Music for Health and Transition Program.

De Luna’s talents as a musician and artist were appreciated by the staff and patients at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center and Infusion Center,  which was a unit of Catholic Medical Center. DeLuna facilitated group and individual sessions at Norris Cotton, providing instruction and support for patients who attended the groups.   She has a talent for engaging patients in group experiences using various musical instruments to encourage patients to express their emotions and to promote healing and group cohesion. The groups that she facilitated were among the most successful and well-attended support groups on that unit.   

 I also worked on the Special Care nursery, another unit of the hospital.  The sound of her soothing instrumental music was appreciated by the parents and infants who were recovering on the unit.  The unit staff cared for premature babies those having medical complications.  The parents and families of these babies were often overwhelmed and her music provided solace and peace.

 In addition, DeLuna played the harp and other instruments on the Intensive Care Unit where patients and families were often dealing with serious and sometimes terminal illnesses.  She often played at the bedside for individual patients as well as for the entire unit.

 In short, I believe that DeLuna would be an asset to any program or facility. I highly recommend her.

Most Sincerely
Jane A. Pinard
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
State of New Hampshire

To Whom It May Concern:: 
I am writing to endorse the giftts of DeLuna to bring peace and comfort through music to the patients she served while serving as a Community Artist for Hospice of Southwest Florida. 
Debbie French, the Volunteer Coordinator, joins me in recommending DeLuna. We found her to be extremely talented and very compassionate in her interactions with our patients. We noticed a visible difference in our patients after her visits. Many of them, who had been very restless, had relaxed and some even went to sleep while she played for them. Her interaction with the patients was tender and they responded very well to her. 
We hope that you will have success in utilizing her in a program that brings the peace of music to the patients she visits. 
Bob Karlson 
Creative and Caring Connections Program 
Hospice of Southwest Florida 

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To Whom it May Concern,

Many of our patients are critically ill or catastrophically ill and on ventilator life support, requiring care around the clock. Some of the patients are comatose or non-responsive. De Luna's unconditional love was quite honestly translated through her harp music, as I observed some of these sick people respond with a smile or just a relaxed expression.

Long story short, our hospital administrator is requesting De Luna's return for a repeat performance. I'm looking forward to her return,  and know that whomever she touches with her exquisite music, benefits at a soul level.

Kent Barnard, RN., BSN
Area Case Manager
Kindred Hospital Fort Lauderdale

Good Morning Dear DeLuna,  
You just can't guess how proud of you and touched we were reading the front page story of the NAS babies and the little infant girl that your heavenly music soothed, bringing a smile to her tired little being.  I'm so grateful to you and the many nursing staff of this special effort.  We know personally of your musical gifts, now so many others do.    
With sincere gratitude that you responded to your own muse, now your musical gift renews life in the most precious of beings. 
With warm hugs, admiration and love 
Jayne and Leo 

To Whom it May Concern,
One of the outstanding therapeutic programs we offer is harp music provided by De Luna. De Luna has been providing soothing harp music to our cancer patients for the past few years. Her harp playing is beautiful. She has a calming presence with patients; she understands the medical environment; has a positive attitude and is respectful to others. We've received excellent feedback from patients and they look forward to her weekly visit.
We highly recommend De Luna at your organization. We can guarantee that your clients/patients will come away from the experience feeling better!
Office Manager
Johanna Van Rossen
NCCC Manchester

Amy Stansfield
Director of Hematology/Oncology NCCC Manchester