Sound Play

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“Sound Play”

Children’s’ music, Sound and Creativity
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The value of children learning music and experiencing the joy of playing music is so great, that I love to enrich young children’s lives with my “Sound Play “  that includes experience with harp, drums, singing bowls, singing/sounding, and a collection of other world instruments, as well as movement, art, and storytelling.  

My goal is to inspire a continued love for the music while introducing the child to various musical concepts and the joy of melodies, rhythms, and textural sounds.

Starting in February
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Series of 6 -  ½ hour group session.
Just $95 per family 

“The first class really was wonderful.  I love Sophia to be exposed to the unique instruments.  She wouldn't get that opportunity anywhere
else.  And the music you play on the harp and flute is gorgeous, such a treat to listen to!  Sophia even chose to listen to your harp CD over
her Wiggles CD on the way home, which is saying so much.  One of my favorite things about the class is the way that you made it spiritual. 
I appreciated your teaching the children to thank the instruments and their ancestors and asking them to send loving thoughts into the
universe.  It made the entire experience so much more than a typical music class, and I left feeling very peaceful.”