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Regardless of what circumstances you are experiencing?

As a certified transformational life coach,  De Luna can help you with the challenges that come with life, she is here to reflect you, your magnificence, even if you can't see it yet. You are just as magnificent as the most famous people, and deserve to realize that!

 Would you like to let go of your doubts and insecurities & see & understand your own unique power and magnificence? 

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Welcome to: About De Luna Coaching,

a Certified Transformation Coaching Service.

Offering a place for you to find inner peace and thrive!

De Luna is a sought-after: Spirit Guide, Certified Transformational Coach, Teacher, Presenter, Ceremonialist, Meditation Facilitator, Online Course /Experience Creator, Healing Musician Harpist, Flute, & Singing Bowls, Reiki Energy Healer, Aromatherapy Ambassador, Ordained Minister.

She comes to you with a rich source of knowledge and experience, & has been experiencing,  studying & practicing Spirituality in its many forms for more than 65 years, influenced by many of the world's Mystical Traditions: Eastern, Middle Eastern, & Western traditions.

She has developed her life to exploring,  creating & sharing her spiritually based healing arts with thousands, in order to support the empowerment & healing of those who are ready.

Some places she has appeared:

Appearing Body Mind Spirit Expo November  21st, 2021, 3 pm stage #2

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Cassadaga Fl.
Lilydale, NY
Ananda Ashram
Unity of Venice, Fl.
Unity Tampa North Fl.
Spirit of Change Expo in Massachusetts
Concord Hospital, NH
New Hampshire Sound Care,
Women's Circles Rowe Conference Center Rowe Massachusetts
Womyn Gathering

       De Luna was born on the Island of Malta, with a Maltese mother and a British sailor father. They met at a time of war, both dodged bombs during WW2 on the island of Malta, six years later their second daughter De Luna came along.

They were still suffering, each in their own way, from their experience of the war as well as their dysfunctional growing up.

De Luna’s father was an alcoholic and suffered greatly,  she bore the brunt of his temper rages and multiple addictions. His suffering greatly impacted the family, and what would later kill him, and slowly killed the family life along the way.

After many years of healing, when De Luna thinks back to those turbulent years, she realizes that these experiences sculpted her into having a rich Spiritual connection, and a deep passion to help people live peaceful lives and has come to a place of deep gratitude for all these experiences, thinking of them as her Sacred Wound.

.Through many years of Therapy, 12 Steps, and being a student of many spiritual paths. she healed many of those wounds.

 Then, in 2014,  she was diagnosed with Bilateral Breast Cancer, and this was to bring her on a journey that would show her a whole new level of realizing life. being brought up as a victim, she was a survivor, she always saw those traumas as teachers,  but this journey with cancer brought her to a whole new level of healing and that was to witness her Inner Hero for the first time in 62 years!

Upon saying goodbye to the Cancer and thanking it for the journey it brought her, she  promised herself  that she would deepen her practice of helping  others in their healing journey  And, so began her journey as a  Transformational Coach, which she adds to her music and other creative gifts, to create “Healing Experiences.