“Nurturing Body, Mind, and Spirit a Healing Journey Through Cancer ”

                      12-week Session Group webinar for women who have been diagnosed with cancer and chose to be proactive in a gentler kinder journey.

 In this experiential program, I will share, and we will explore:
1:  Some options for care that will make a 
life through cancer gentler.

2: Tools for handling the fear
3: Create a support needs system

BONUS: Living Aware and Safe in the 21st. Century

You will get:

  •        3x 90-minute group zoom sessions
  •        Support system building form
  •       Bonuses:
  •       Education on Options
  •       Workbook
  •       Guided Meditations

You will gain a sense of control of your own life.

Gain tools to shift your perspective on life that brings a deeper connection, joy, and love, regardless of your circumstances.

Are you going through cancer right now, or have been through it already? Would you like support in navigating the journey? Would you like tools that will help make your journey more gentle?  Message me to schedule your complimentary Strategy Session ($250 value) Now! Gain some clarity and we can see if this program is for you. 

* Realizing life and nature in a more magnificent way. 

De Luna Coaching:

There is so much to this process, it has taken years for you to arrive here, it will take diligence and time

to transform.

I have a few programs available to help you.  We will explore the different aspects of healing.

This is a program of transformation and love. Incorporating Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

“Nurturing Body, Mind and Spirit a Healing Journey”

the year-long group coaching/online course.

This is a program of removing and refilling. Removing what does not serve 
for our highest good and refilling what will help us be in ultimate health.

In the program you will be gently guided through the following:

Explore the Circle of Health
Developing healthy self-respect and love.
Nurturing the Mind
Internal/external Housekeeping
Care of Body
Nurturing Spirit
Nurturing A Social Life
Living in the 21st century

Guided meditation recordings

 Some benefits my clients have experienced from my systems:

  • Deeper self respect and love.
  • Development of strong intuition.
  • Develop a sharper mind.
  • Sleep better
  • Enjoying living a vibrant, healthy and life full of love.